Battling the Elements

Dec 11, 2023

"Alright man, when we go to speak to this team tonight, it's going to be pretty cold, I'm talking down in the 40's with a little light rain. Be sure that you are wearing two pairs of pants, a shirt, long sleeve, hoodie and a jacket as an option. Be prepared, if layering our clothes isn't enough, we are going to find a parking lot and do a dynamic stretching warm-up so that we can get a good sweat going before we meet the team."

Sitting in my office, listening to Trevor tell me the game plan, my first thought was "what the heck, are we getting prepared to go to the Arctic circle and talk to penguins or what?!". But that's what we were preparing for in a sense, obviously we weren't going to the Arctic, but we were going to dress and prepare like we were. Think about it, two mental coaches trying to give a team a speech about mental toughness as they are shivering and letting the cold take over...not a good look right? Right. 

Humor aside, we as athletes are faced with different climates, different altitudes, and other challenges the changing weather throws at us on a daily basis. It can be super frustrating and hard to manage. So how do we manage something like the weather that we literally have zero control over? Simple, doing what you can with what you have. Instead of getting upset, blaming everything on the weather and using it as an excuse for poor performance, take an inventory on what you can do to improve your situation. If it's cold out, layer up, have a longer warm-up, use heating pads. If it's hot out, switch to lighter weight clothing, use sunscreen with a coolant in it, use cold towels. If it's windy out, focus on making adjustments with your movement. You get the idea.

Instead of letting the weather dictate your mind and your performance, do what you can to battle the elements. Make adjustments, work with what you have, and remember, everyone is experiencing the same weather as you. It comes down to who is more mentally resilient than the other. So, don't be afraid to prepare like you are going to the Arctic Circle, bundle up and get out there and take care of business!


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