Lessons from a Legend

Jan 24, 2024

Coach Nick Saban, arguably one of the best coaches to ever coach in the game of football, has officially retired. Coach Saban won multiple national championship titles, one with LSU and the other six with Alabama, while coaching many All-Americans and creating THE premier program in college football. Many have asked over the years how he has done it, what magic formula does he use to win? In all reality, it's nothing crazy, it's actually super simple concepts that he firmly believes in and when executed successfully a higher chance of winning will naturally happen. I have chosen three concepts that Coach Saban believes in religiously, if you aren't already, I encourage you to implement these within all aspects of your life and see the difference they can make!

Number one: Discipline and accountability. Saban emphasizes discipline both on and off the field. He holds players accountable for their actions, creating a culture of responsibility within the team. If you listen to any Saban interviews over the years, there is a 99% chance he mentions the importance of accountability and discipline. This is at the root of fostering a great team culture and also a great individual. 

Number two: Attention to detail. Saban is known for his meticulous preparation and attention to even the smallest details. This commitment to precision extends to practice sessions, game plans, and player development.

Number three: Continuous improvement. Saban is never satisfied with past successes. He believes in a philosophy of continuous improvement, pushing himself and his team to get better each day. This mindset has led to sustained success over the years.

These are great concepts to implement within your sport and also in life. Focus on them and see the difference! 


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