November Resolutions

Nov 30, 2023

It's here, the end of 2023. As we settle into scramble mode to close out the rest of the year and look forward to a nice Christmas break, New Year's is approaching fast. What that means to athletes is a fresh start, the beginning of a new season if you are a Spring sport, if you are a Fall sport you are settled in by now for the off-season and building and putting in work for the next season.

What a new year means to everyone else is a clean start, new opportunities, and with that NEW YEARS RESOLOUTIONS! Yes, we all have them. It's a standard practice to set them for every New Years. It may look like eating healthier, getting in better shape, picking up a new hobby, or a stronger commitment to spending time with friends and family. Whatever they may be, you and everyone else are thinking about them and how they can benefit you for the upcoming year. I think New Years resolutions are great, I think they are a step in the right direction to improving your life. But I have two questions for you. Why start in January? Why not start now? 

 Right now, you have the opportunity to set your own Pre-New Years resolutions and make a commitment to yourself and start the change today. You don't have to wait for New Years to turn a new leaf or set new goals for yourself. Think about it, you start focusing on your (pre) New Years resolutions today and by the time January 1st rolls around, you will be a step ahead of the game!

I challenge you to do things differently these next couple of weeks. Get a jump start on your resolutions, nothing is holding you back from going after them before New Years.  Stay focused and stay motivated, it's worth it in the end. 

So why wait? Start now and make the changes you want to see in your life today. 

Happy pre-New Years! ğŸŽ‰


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