Super Bowl for a Super Player

Feb 05, 2024

In six short days, Super Bowl LVIII is finally happening where we have the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers battling it out to raise the Lombardi Trophy. There is so much hype surrounding this year's game, from Taylor Swift to watching two great teams compete, some of us had them chosen at the beginning of the season, others this came as a surprise. Regardless, we should be in store for a great game, especially since Iowa native Brock Purdy has stepped up this season on the field and has helped carry his team to the Super Bowl. Purdy is a remarkable quarterback and San Francisco Head Coach Kyle Shanahan has this to say about his QB:

“This is what I love about Brock. Last pick in the draft. Takes us to the conference championship game twice and this Super Bowl in two years. Getting talked about for MVP. And the dude, he doesn’t have to work at not listening to it or trying to stay humble or trying to not get caught up in how life is changing. You know why? He doesn’t care,” Shanahan said. “He really has a true foundation and knows who he is and who he wants to be. That is rare for any human. He’s a special player. But this stuff … he’s a special guy.”

There is a ton that we can learn from that quote, very powerful message. With all of the hype surrounding the big game, Purdy's many accomplishments on the field, his newfound stardom and success, he simply "doesn't care" about it. At times throughout an athlete's career, they may experience success and hype surrounding their game, maybe not to the degree that Purdy is experiencing, but they will. It is important to block out the noise and focus on the future, having a strong foundation to build upon and using that as a method of staying focused on the process and the mission, not on everything else that comes with finding success. 


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