The ultimate motivation

Sep 24, 2023

Critics. You either love them or hate them, there is no in-between. In today's technological day and age anyone who has an opinion can and most likely will be heard on platforms ranging from ESPN, to your everyday sources for sports news, and throughout social media. If you are achieving success, you will most likely pick up critics, and odds are they aren't praising your progress, but your potential downfall. It's a strange dynamic, but what can you do right? 

Well, there is something that you can do about it. Embrace the critics, listen to their opinions, weigh out what they say and use their words as motivation. Coaches and players get so wrapped up in the opinions of others and let that affect them on a personal level, which in turn affects their performance on the field or the court. 

A prime example of how to handle the critics and their opinions in the right and productive way was demonstrated by Ohio State Head Coach Ryan Day this weekend. Ohio State faced off against Notre Dame and former legendary Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz criticized Ohio State's "toughness" before the game very openly, safe to say he didn't hold back any punches. Now, Coach Day had two options, either get wrapped up in a back-and-forth media war or he can take notes and use that as a source of motivation for his team. He chose the second option and embraced and used Coach Holtz's words to motivate his team by putting them on large tv screens throughout the team's gym and practice facilities. Coach Day encouraged his team to look at those words and use that to fuel the fire for Saturday evenings game...which they won by showing "toughness" ironically. 

Proving critics wrong is the ultimate motivation. Having the ability to not take what they say personally and in turn using that as a source to motivate you and others around you is a great way to prepare and in turn execute in a big game. Take this into consideration the next time you or your team is criticized and use their words to your advantage. 


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