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Trevor Conner

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Kathy Sutton

George Rivers’ book “The Invisible Weapon” is a must-read for college athletes looking to gain a mental edge. It’s like unlocking a secret weapon you always had but never knew how to use. The book contains valuable information on mental strength, including tips on how to stay cool under pressure, develop rock-solid confidence, and tackle the unique challenges of college sports. Rivers makes the whole mental side of sports feel relatable and doable, providing insider tips on how to level up your game. Get ready to see a big difference in your game and your mindset!

About The Author

George is a trained Mental Coach with a background in sports, psychology, and counseling. He began his journey at Tyler Junior College, earning an Associate's degree in Psychology and All-American honors in tennis. George then pursued a Psychology degree at Indiana University, competing in Division 1 tennis. He completed his Master's in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling from the UT San Antonio, also serving as an assistant coach at Trinity University. With seven years of collegiate coaching experience, George has guided multiple All-Americans and achieved top national rankings. His personal mission is to develop outstanding athletes and individuals. George lives in Houston with his two beagles, enjoying time with family and friends.

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