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The Focus 5 Community is where athletes, teams, and coaches come together to learn, support, and improve on the "How to" be better prepared. More mentally tough and resilient.

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Focus 5 - Stands for a very simple concept. 

" We want athletes to spend 5 INTENTIONAL minutes a day to brain train. "

Each Sunday we host our weekly Global Coaching Call. 

What you can expect:

5 - 15 minutes of New Content followed by 45 minutes of Open Q & A! That's right. Bring your questions of what's going on in sport, ask us live, and we will answer it live. The goal is to get every question answered in the time we have!

Each month we issue different challenges. Compete against others in the leaderboards across the country of like minded athletes. Post your wins, and build connections and relationships. 

We post unique never seen before content on a weekly basis with the emphasis to help athletes perform better and to learn mental skills to help them improve in their sport. 

Let's focus on 'being able to perform better' and 'learning mental skills'. The Focus 5 Group offers weekly global coaching calls, monthly challenges with leaderboards and unique content that helps athletes become mentally tougher and more resilient.

Hearts & Minds is a Christian based company focused on helping athletes develop both on the field of competition, but also off the field. We emphasize that in order to become the best athlete you can be, we must work on the whole person. Mindset, body, education, family, social, and spirit.  


DM's are OPEN! :-)  That's right! DM's are 100% Free and Open. With the goal of us returning your DM's in a 8 hour period and window. 


What Our Community Says:

The Focus 5 Community has been so beneficial to me both on and off the field. I've learned so much from the weekly coaching calls and now I'm ready to step up to the plate against anyone,