$49.00 USD

The Big 4!

This program combines the 4 most critical elements of mental training into one compact and thorough teaching.

Mental Coach Trevor Conner - Founder of Hearts & Minds leads you through how to improve your overall mental game by focusing on 4 critical elements of being a mentally tough competitor.

Buckle up as you'll be challenged, and inspired to find ways to get closer to unlocking new mental levels.

What you'll get:

  1. Goal Getting – Learn simple methods to set and achieve goals that will propel you forward, no matter the challenge or setback.
  2. Visualization & Imagery -  Practice using visualization and imagery to improve confidence and performance.
  3. Energy Management - Discover how to use mindfulness and meditation techniques to manage stress, worry, anxiety, and emotions.
  4. Self-Talk & Reframing – Understand how to use positive self-talk and reframing skills that will help you stay motivated when things get tough.
  5. 2 hours of video teaching and instruction.
  6. Get the .pdf e-Book for a seamless experience while going through the video-based learning sessions. It can be downloaded and printed for simultaneous use and convenience.

So helpful!

As a coach I've been teaching goals for years. Never in this simple laid out method. Listening to the video teachings have been revolutionary and have taken my coaching practice to new levels. I've recommended this to every parent we work with!

Richard (golf coach - FL)