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Hearts & Minds is not just a coaching platform, but also a publishing company dedicated to providing valuable literature for mental fitness in sports.


NEW BOOK: Through The Athlete's Eyes

Grab your copy of Through The Athlete's Eyes: Tracking Your Triumphs to get access to athlete stories, a robust journaling and tracking mechanism, and everything you need to get better at your sport each and every day!


Our Current Books

Hearts & Minds is proud to have multiple distinguished authors on our team. We are dedicated to publishing books that enhance mental fitness and provide valuable insights.


by Trevor Conner - A guide to what you can truly control in sport and life.

The Invisible Weapon

by George Rivers - Unleashing the power of your mind in your sport.

Microphone on a karaoke nightby Kane Reinholdtsen

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At Hearts & Minds, we believe in the transformative power of mental training. We are actively engaged in speaking opportunities across the nation to get to the root of the mental resiliency issue facing our athletes today. Whether you're a coach, parent, or athlete yourself, we're here for you.

Runners in a raceby Braden Collum

More books and authors are on the way!

At Hearts & Minds, we are proud to have a team of distinguished authors who are passionate about mental fitness and sports psychology. Stay tuned for more exciting books, booklets, and projects coming soon.

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Hearts & Minds is proud to offer public speaking opportunities as well as publishing roles. Contact us for more information.